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The Tonic 100

Here’s the thing: we make wine and you want to drink it. It’s a seemingly simple arrangement. But we’re not the kind of winemaker that makes tonnes of plonk to flog cheaply in far-flung places – or even in near-flung places, like the kind of Big Box Bottle-o you might find down the road. Instead, we make just enough wine to sell in the restaurants and bars that we like – plus another 100-or-so dozen, which we make exclusively available to people like you a couple of times a year.

So, if you’re playing along at home, you’re very welcome to join us… we'll see if we can squeeze you in.  


Join us.

* indicates required


Once received, your name will go onto list and you will enter Limbo - a waiting room, so to speak. Some time might pass. When the wines are ready and your number comes up, one G. Barry will be in touch to check that you’re still ready, willing and able to accept your allocation. (Unless your ails have been cured elsewhere, you very likely will be).  

What's in it for me, you ask?

You can call it a wine club, but it’s more like a handshake between friends. While others will peddle a promise of speed, economy or vastness of range, we just make sure you get your hands on the good stuff ahead of anyone else. (And yeah, ok, we’ll knock a few bucks off the price for you).  One catch: once our allocation is gone, it’s seriously finito. Donzo. Gone. Allocations of each new wine will be available to the Tonic 100 for one month only before disappearing into the ether forever. So when the time comes, you better get your skates on. 

Our side of the bargain:

  • Exclusive access to the limited allocation of wines. 
  • Free freight within Australia
  • On the off chance we’re doing something special – bottlings, tastings, events or whatnot – we’ll let you know about it

Your side of the bargain: 

  • Stay on the list by purchasing from the allocation throughout the year
  • Forgo your spot to the next line if at anytime
  • That’s it


    Delay at your peril! Enlightenment awaits.

    While the Tonic 100 is currently at capacity, we suggest you make haste and get your name down on the list quicksmart. Look to the bottom of this page. In the footer. Cast your name into the flames, and enter Limbo of your own free will.