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For Uplift in Life Force: The Tonic 100

Do you seek to cure your displeasure?
Remedy your spiritual woes?
Absolve yourself of your boring wine sins? 

Here’s the thing: we make wine and you want to drink it. It’s a seemingly simple arrangement. But we’re not the kind of winemaker that makes tonnes of plonk to flog cheaply in far-flung places – or even in near-flung places, like the kind of Big Box Bottle-o you might find down the road. Instead, we make enough wine to sell in the restaurants and bars that we like – plus another 100-or-so dozen, which we make available to people like you a couple of times a year. 

While others will peddle a promise of speed, economy or vastness of range, we just make sure you get your hands on the good stuff ahead of anyone else.

So if that rings your bell, delay at your peril. Below are the necessary to pursue a position in the ellusive Tonic 100 – more on that below. Ding-ding!