You’ll notice a few things are different about our bottle and packaging. The day we decided to use a bottle that isn’t even stocked in Australia was the day we started to make things difficult for ourselves. It’s a French bottle that is ordinarily used by Calvados producers amongst the orchards of Normandy. Anyway, we love the shape (and we love Calvados of course) so we persisted despite the tyranny of distance and the awkwardness of packaging. 

Screwcaps haven’t made it into the Calvados producer’s repertoire yet so we have chosen to seal the bottle with the best quality natural corks we could find. After a few years of wax seals, and a move to a darker glass, we decided we actually preferred it without the voila...that's what you'll see from the 2017 releases onwards.

The Tonic Wines design and labels were created by our friend, Chad, and his very talented and creative team at Grey, in Sydney. Check out some of their work here. The logo came about when design guru, Cohan, was playing around with a nearly 100 year old book on old typefaces and borders that he inherited from his grandma. We think that’s pretty damn cool. What’s also cool is that they really love a Chardonnay while they’re playing ping pong in the office.

You’ll also notice we don’t have any back labels. So no wine marketing buzzwords or generic food matches. Sorry. We reckon all the information you need is on the front of and inside the bottle. Enjoy.