A few hardy souls have gone out on a limb and stocked the first vintage of our wines. These people aren't just generous, intelligent and unfeasibly good-looking, they also happen to run some of the finest bars, restaurants and shops in the land.

Here's a run-down. Find one near you and go knock on their door until they let you in. Or at least until they threaten to call the police if you don't vacate.

Special mention goes to the Hot Chicken Project in Geelong...partly because they're a project about hot chicken...but also because they took the brilliant pic above. Good-looking and skilled.


Bonds Corner Fine Wine

The Australian Wine Centre

North Sydney Cellars

Silvereye Restaurant (coming soon)


Melbourne / Geelong

La Vita Buona

Harry & Frankie

Underwood Wine Bar


Stokehouse City

The Hot Chicken Project



Lalla Rookh


Adelaide / Clare / Vale

Mother Vine

Amalfi Restaurant

The Adelaide Club

East End Cellars

Jarmer's Kitchen

Seed Kitchen and Winehouse

Sevenhill Hotel

The Victory Hotel


If you want to find one of our 2014 red wines then these places are you best bets as we're all sold out. We do have a couple of dozen of 2014 Chardonnay left in the shed if you'd like some.