Maxwell's House and other Adelaide stories


Would you trust this man if he tried to sell you an unusual grape variety in a weirdly shaped bottle? 

We probably wouldn't either.

Max is the Willy Wonka of Adelaide's restaurant scene and you can now catch his madcap skills as well as 2015 Mataro by the glass at The Henry Austin...brilliant place.

Over on the other side of town the good times are also rolling at Sean's Kitchen (Chardonnay and Mataro) and Peel Street (Mataro). Everyone's favourite Italian - Amalfi - has the Mataro on, as does the excellent Ballaboosta down on Halifax Street. Their pitas, pizzas, coffee and cakes are cranking. 


After the world's longest BTG run Mother Vine is taking a breather on the Mataro front, but there might still be some across the road at East End Cellars. And rounding out the local picture with a simply outrageously good dining assault on the senses is Orana, home to both Mataro and Chardonnay.

Adelaide...bloody well played. 

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